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Helidon Doni Haliti

  • Artist -Painter
  • From Albania

The artist is similar to the river that cannot find rest but continues to flow in search of the sea …; but differently from the river that streams from the height towards the down, the artist overflows towards the peaks; he doesn’t descend, but climbs toward the height of the human spirit, heart and mind, extending himself all over the cosmos and all over the human micro cosmos.

The artist accepts neither limits, nor rest; he occupies always new lands …; he is always in movement and searching …

I belongs to the new generation of contemporary Albanian students that are graduated during nineties in the Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana.

The picture students of these years have had the possibility to apply modern-day methods and materials while being taught by Albanian professors and lecturers invited from France, Italy, Swiss, etc.

Prior to this time, the works and exhibition of the modern arts as well as of the different experiments were forbidden and punishable as “heresy”. Of this time period is the joint exhibition of the teachers and students in the NGA, National Gallery of Art, Tirana (1993), their contacts with and visits in museums and galleries abroad, as well as the students’ aspirations for more freedom in the art, according to the European and other well-known models. This atmosphere of emancipation being already hoped by all artists, especially by their yang generation had influenced on my education as a painter .I finished the Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana, Albania in 1993 .I have been present always in numerous exhibitions in Albania and abroad, especially in Greece, where I used to live and create . I realized my works in different genres and techniques. The drama of emigration and the spiritual distemper are reflected in several pictorial cycles, such as “The Legs”, “The pigeon”, “The cage”, “Eva and Adam”, etc.

My pictorial cycle “Fables”, communicate easily with the public, my works unfolds and transmits actual messages and ideas; the images I chooses are picked up from the true life and nature. In the cycles “The tree”, “The seasons”, etc, I was feeling less dramatic, more poetical and lyric in my recent cycles, I manifest my abilities as a colorist, and an artist of modern visions with relation to the way I follow in realizing my compositions, where parallel to official figurative forms and elements one can see an accurate designer, who is very intuitive with regard to the choice of appropriate and current materials and structures (Adam and Eva)…

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