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Atanur Dogan

Atanur Dogan
  • Artist -Painter
  • From Turkey – Canada

President and Founder of IWS

World-renowned Turkish Atanur Dogan is a Fine Arts Graduate of the University of Izmir, Turkey, Sculpture Specialty “My sculpture education taught me to see things in three dimensions and to learn anatomical correctness. I used this knowledge and experience to develop my watercolour techniques. In my work, I first see my subjects as if they are sculptures. I see form first, and then see light values.”

Atanur loves people and loves to teach his art. “I am a very social person by nature, and my social skills come to life in the classroom. When I teach, or when I am asked to speak on the subject of watercolour painting, I gain enjoyment and energy from my audience. I remain positive when discussing my students’ paintings, and always try to find something good in their work before I give suggestions on how to improve or make changes to a work in progress. This is paramount to making a student feel empowered and anxious to continue with his or her art. I always tell other artists and students that I, too, am constantly learning and evolving with them. I derive much enjoyment from this atmosphere, and hope that the same holds true for the students. Many of my show-quality pieces were produced in workshops and demonstrations while teaching my students.”

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