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Abe Toshiyuki

  • Artist -Painter
  • From Japan

Abe Toshiyuki was born in 1959 in Sakata City, Japan.
Since 2008 his main activities are: being a watercolor painter, after being a newspaper designer, and an art teacher.
In 2010 he won the Shuin Naito Memorial Award in Japan. And in 2011 received The Watercolor Exhibition Ueno Royal Museum Award.
2014 World Watermedia Exposition Thailand (Bangkok)
2015 4th International Watercolor Biennale (France)
2018 Masters of Watercolor 2018 (Russia)
2022 International Watercolour Masters 2020 (England)
From 2011 to date he has had 30 solo shows and has published ten books, including ” Watercolor… In search of quiet light”, Music of calm light”, etc.

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