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Gallery Services

Gallery Rent Hall

Services for Clients

  • Ordering a personal portrait painting or an order with a desired theme
  • Ordering a personal professional digital caricature with a desired theme
  • Hall rental for parties and events

Services for Artists

  • Hall rental for individual exhibitions
  • Hall rental for group exhibitions
  • Holding a master class
  • Holding art meetings
  • Consulting and organizing individual and group exhibitions in other countries (Italy – China – Thailand – India-Dubai – France – Spain – Turkey – Iran – Malaysia – England – America -)
  • Exclusive logo design
  • Book and catalog design
  • Holding Online Exhibition 
  • Gallery Membership , you can use benefit to this service

Cooperation with the gallery

We are ready to cooperate with art lovers and always ready to hear your ideas and suggestions
You can. Work with us as a as Exhibition curator, sponsor, marketer selling works of art and..


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