Tatiana Shundeeva graduated from the children’s art school at the age of 14. She has no special art education. Until 2012, she worked in the non-creative field. After moving to Moscow in 2012, she began to study watercolors. She learned a lot about watercolors from watching the work of other watercolorists. The choice of subjects is wide – from classic landscapes to fantasy. In the artist’s work the flowers and nature have a special significance.

– Received an honorary mention in the youth competition “Perspective of Watercolors” within framework of International Exhibition “Masters of Watercolors-2018»;

– Finalist of the online contest “The First World Exhibition of Watercolors 2018” (1st Universal Watercolor Exhibition Online Contest);

– 2nd place in the 1st International Biennale of Watercolor Art in Poland “Your Identify through Watercolor”, 2020

– 2nd place of the contest for the cover of the 9th issue of the IWS (International Watercolor Society) magazine

– The participant of various exhibitions


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