Olga Bezlepkina


When people ask me what is my subject matter, I find it difficult to answer immediately. I feel like a sweet tooth in a candy store. Do I really have to pick one? I’m surrounded by so many beautiful, interesting, and inspiring signs and subjects. Some of them are obviously brilliant; others require attention and curiosity to reveal their uniqueness and beauty. It can be an interesting story or a rare, hard-to-grasp feeling.
I think human happiness is about many little joyous things and moments. We just have to not miss them. It’s very easy and very difficult in the meantime. When I find something wonderful, I feel a little happier. I want to share this feeling. My artworks are a way to show people my little but amazing discoveries.
I’ve been drawing all my life, but it’s never been my profession. But a few years ago I realized that the world is much kinder to me when I paint. I feel like I’m a hero of my own story. I began to treat my creative process in a different way: with gentleness and care. Now It’s a really big deal to me to say: “I’m an Artist”. I’ve been experimenting with different mediums before. I tried to paint with oil, acrylics, colored pencils, did airbrushing and murals. However, watercolor is my greatest passion. Watercolor allows me to work fast, on the same breath. My emotions don’t fade before the painting’s finished. I’m constantly studying and perfecting my technique. I like to explore the potential of this paint. Watercolor has its own character, which must be taken into account. I need a lot of backbone to “gain respect” for watercolor. Every my artwork is my master and friend. I’m grateful to them for their experience.

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