Nikolay Solodov


I am Nikolay Solodov, was born in 1965, in the USSR, grew up in sunny and hospitable Uzbekistan, in the bread city of Tashkent.
My first and most important teacher in painting
was my grandfather. As an architect, he often worked from home, and I watched him with fascination. But in his free time, his favorite pastime was spending time with me and painting with watercolors. He revealed to me the laws of linear and aerial perspective, taught me the mystery of mixing colors, explained the laws of interaction of everything in this world – light, and shadow, reflexes, and reflections.
My mom has always been the inspiration behind all my endeavors. And when my grandfather was gone, she collected all my drawings, took my hand, and took me to the children’s art studio.
But the knowledge that my grandfather revealed to me still works.
My father taught me a lot, he was also an architect. He took me from an early age on hikes, fishing, hunting. He taught me to see and love the beauty around me, to love nature. Taught me to survive in the wild, respect, and take the elements seriously. I grew up in a family where there were creative arguments and conversations about the beautiful, so from an early age, I already knew who I would be …
In 1982 he entered the Faculty of Architecture at the Polytechnic Institute. This is how I became an architect in the third generation.
Out of vital necessity, I had to leave the profession for several years. And finally, returning to Alma Mater and favorite work, work and work again … There was not enough time for brushes and paint. Then I moved to Russia, and again immersed myself in work … In total, I have not drawn for 25 years …

And only recently, in 2016, I wandered into an art salon and could not resist … I bought brushes, paints, albums … and this was the beginning of my long-delayed dream …

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