Natalya Nesterova


Natalia Nesterova was born in the picturesque Crimea and now works in Sevastopol, on the Black Sea coast. She drew since childhood but chose the profession of graphic designer. A few years ago, returned to painting, and two years ago started watercolors. She has participated in and won more than 30 competitions and exhibitions in Russia, France, Japan, UK. Her paintings are mostly landscapes, often panoramas. For several years, she was engaged in sailing, so there are also a lot of sea and yachts on her watercolors.


Union of watercolors of Russia

IWS Russia

International Federation of Watercolorists (Russia)

Professional Union of Artists of Russia

Union of Russian Artists

Creative Union of Artists of Sevastopol

Winning places at International exhibitions:

Bronze award – 3d international watercolor biennial in Crimea Alushta 2020

Silver award – Water element contest, Watercolor-2020, Moscow

Gold award – online contest  “The world through the eyes of an artist” 2020

HIGHLY COMMENDED AWARD – International Pyrenees watercolor contest. 2021

Bronze medal, ART EXCELLENCE AWARDS, Spring 2021

Gold medal, ART EXCELLENCE AWARDS, Autumn 2021

Winner 5th International Exhibition of Watercolors, IWS, Sare Gallery



Some of Works

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  • Everardo Pérez
    May 31, 2022

    Wonderful her works, specially seascapes.

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