Nadezhda Tsaregorodtseva


saregorodtseva Nadezhda Stepanovna was born in the outback of the Vologda region. The incredible beauty of northern nature has left an indelible impression for a lifetime.
Since 2001, he has been living in Moscow.
Basic education-economics, auditor.
Art education — 3 courses of the FGBOU IN the MGHPA named after.Stroganov.
Member of the Union of Aqualerists of Russia, the International Federation of Aqualerists “Aquazhivopis”, the Creative Union of Artists of Russia.
Participation in exhibitions:
2019-The Russian Academy of Arts “Through thorns to the stars”, “Watercolor 2019” in the GBUK VZ “Tushino”;
2020-The world of modern watercolors “Memories of spring”, “Stroganov traditions” in the GBUK VZ “Tushino”, THEN “Isograph” in the Central House of Art Workers, MSD “Memories of Spring” in the Antique Center on Sadovoye;
2021 – “Koktebel-Karadag” in the MVZ “Tushino”, “Flowers” in the MVZ “Tushino”, the Union of Artists of Russia “Our heritage” in the recreation center Gaidarovets, “Art seasons” in the Gallery of Modern Art “Eurasia”, the online competition “Letter to the future” of the International Federation of Aqualerists, the Federation “Aquazhivopis”.
Finalist of the Russian Art Prize in 2021, first place in the international competition of WATERCOLORIUM WATERCOLORIUM 2021 in the category “Water Element”, first place at the international exhibition-competition of works about the ART of nature-SEASONS 2021.

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