From a young age, the beauty of the landscapes, the richness of the colors and
shapes amazed me. Human beings with their strength and weakness
fascinated me. The animal, plant, mineral world, the cosmos, the light
, the infinite large, the infinite small captivated me. Why all this? What is the point?
What are we in relation to the Great Whole? How to transcribe what
I see, what I feel? Over the course of my travels, I have gradually built up
a photo library (86,000 photos) then the arrival of digital technology, computers,
camera, software, it was like a revelation. Digital artgave me what I dared not hope for: the opportunity to express myself and share.Self-taught but with a long professional experience in design(furniture, search for decorations, colors), I got involved with passion
and enthusiasm in this way, courses, continuing education, work
practice. The dream becomes reality.I am committed to giving meaning to my approach, nourishing myself with poetry and of philosophy, when I create imaginary, dreamed, unusual worlds,austere or dreamlike that would enchant the mind;it is important for me to communicate my wonder, and to share my emotions,my fears with those who, over the course of my exhibitions, give me the pleasure of watching my paintings for 10 years.

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