Mauri Virtanen

ARTIST - Ecuador

The artist Mauri Virtanen is based in the city of Quito which is the place where he studied architecture, usually, he exhibits his paintings in Ecuador and other places around the world and has been recognized with some awards in Ecuador, Finland, and Romania such as the First Place in the International Art Contest for children and youth “OPEN DOORS” that took place in Romania in 1996. His first international solo exhibition was inaugurated in the Palace of the Romanian Parliament in Bucharest-Romania in 2001, his artworks are in private and public collections worldwide.


Mauri strives to create a conversation between the viewer and the image by painting what he sees and by creating compositions, his mission is to capture scenes of life, architecture, horses, and flowers in a natural setting. His artworks are an exaltation of the color and shape, of the drawing and composition, of the rhythm and movement, of the unity in the variety, and of the landscape considered as a living celebrity.


For five years on he paints almost exclusively with watercolors, as watercolorist he has won first place in the International contest of portraits that took place in Romania in 2016, has participated in numerous international events such as Biennials and festivals worldwide, and from 2016 he is the country head of IWS Ecuador.

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