Kristina Gaifullina


Kristina Gaifullina

Artist, illustrator, Art PR-manager, a member of The Artist Union and SABA member, creator of an online art resource for helping homeless animals @vesta_helps.

She works in watercolour, dry-graphic and oil technique.


She graduated with honors from a Mathematical gymnasium, a Children’s Art School, an Art School and the Institute of Economics, Management and Art.

2009 completed advanced English language courses at Inlingua School, Sliema, Malta.

2012 graduated from advanced training courses in plastic 3D makeup and special effects in Prague, Czech Republic . She took a refresher course in academic drawing at the I. E. Repin Institute (St. Petersburg).


Since 2004, she has worked in the film industry as a makeup artist and decorator. Then she worked in management for several years, which later gave a new level for development: she took up Art-PR for art companies and art bloggers. Since 2017, a member of the Union of Artists. Since 2019, he has been a member of the Association of Artists of Botanical Art.

Exhibitions and events:

2017 The first solo exhibition “Search for a way”, Yu. V. Karapaev Exhibition Hall, Klin

2017 exhibition “Colors of Klin”, Yu. V. Karapaev Exhibition Hall

2017 exhibition “Eco-style in illustration”, Moscow

2017 speaker of the “Art Conference”, St. Petersburg

2017 Speaker of the festival ” It’s Time to Draw!”, St. Petersburg

2018 «Anniversary Exhibition”, Yu. V. Karapaev Exhibition Hall, Klin

2018 exhibition of botanical illustration “Aesthetics of an orchid flower”, Moscow

2018-Speaker of the graphics and design festival “Wake up Day color”, St. Petersburg

2019 The second solo exhibition “Plein Air, as a part of life”, Y. V. Karapaev Exhibition Hall, Klin

2019 speaker of the Design and Graphics Festival “Wake up Day Cosmos”, St. Petersburg

2019 Speaker of the “Art Quartal Festival”, St. Petersburg

2019 exhibition of illustrations “Under the canopy of a tropical forest”, Moscow

2019 exhibition of Artists of the Moscow region, Yu. V. Karapaev Exhibition Hall

2019 the final exhibition of the members of the SABA “Disappearing Beauty”, Moscow

2020 online exhibition of works in the Yu. V. Karapaev Exhibition Hall

2020 exhibition of portraits of flowers in the Yu. V. Karapaev Exhibition Hall, Klin

2021 Botanical exhibition in The Apothecary’s garden

2021 “White and Black” botanical exhibition in A. A. Kadirov Gallery, Grozniy

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