Fan Junrang

Born in October 1972 in Xi’an, China

He graduated from the middle school attached to China Academy of Fine Arts in 1993

He graduated from Xi’an Academy of fine arts with a bachelor’s degree in 2000

Member of China watercolor powder Artists Union

Member of Watercolor Art Committee of Xi’an Art Association

NWS member of National Watercolor Society

IWS member of International Watercolor Association


In January 2021, the watercolor work pilgrimage won the best work award from the top nine of California online exhibition.。

In December 2020, the watercolor work “auspicious gesanghua” won the world’s best five artists award of “we are together” in IWS Moscow International Watercolor Exhibition 2020.

In March 2020, watercolor work “bright” won the first polish International Watercolor Biennale 2020 award.

In January 2019, the watercolor work heartstrings won the gold medal of beautiful Shenzhen watercolor competition in 2019.

In October 2018, the watercolor work Tibetan code was selected into the 27th Asian watercolor Union Exhibition.

From July to September, 2018, watercolor work “turning cone” was selected in Nepal IWS international exhibition; “gaze” was selected in Italy IWS international exhibition; “old man” was selected in Greece IWS international exhibition; “Festival Dress” was selected in Myanmar IWS International Exhibition.

From November to December 2017, he participated in a one month art exchange between China and Germany and successfully held a joint exhibition of five Chinese painters in coulonsburg, Germany.

In November 2017, the watercolor work “the old man in southern Xinjiang” was selected into the 11th Tianjin watercolor annual exhibition and won the Excellence Award (the highest award).

In September 2017, the watercolor work west wind was selected into the third National Youth Watercolor Exhibition.

In August 2017, the watercolor work “little Dawa” was selected into the first David International Watercolor Grand Prix and won the Excellence Award, and the work was collected.

In June 2017, watercolor work “years” was selected into the second national youth watercolor network exhibition and won the first prize.

In May 2017, the watercolor work “west wind” was invited to participate in the sky blue Qingdao International Exhibition

(spring) Art Salon Exhibition, won the first prize of “China Rainbow”.

In March 2017, watercolor work “Heart Sutra 2” was selected into the 6th National Exhibition of IWS Turkey

He won the fifth prize in the International Watercolor Festival.

In November 2016, the watercolor work “ask Buddha” was selected into the 8th World watercolor Huayang in Taiwan

Prize Biennale, works are collected.

In May 2016, the watercolor work plateau mother won the first prize of the second contemporary Chinese Watercolor Exhibition

In September 2015, watercolor work “Heart Sutra” was selected into the international Mini watercolor Exchange Exhibition (Shenzhen, U.S. Tour Exhibition).



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