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SARE ART GALLERY has presented contemporary art exhibitions showcasing the work of emerging artists. SARE ART GALLERY is nestled in the center of beautiful Moscow city. This artistic center in Moscow was established in 2019 By Vaniya LLC . With an outstanding vision to promote art in our daily lives and make many talented artists accessible to the international community, SARE ART GALLERY offers an impressive collection of contemporary work by both Russian and international artists.

This Gallery Under the leadership of Manager , Sareh Mohebeian Zadeh, underwent a major expansion, she succeeded in receiving the representation of the International watercolor Society (IWS) gallery and started her cooperation with this great art community in 2019 professionally in order to introduce watercolor art.


Sare art Gallery to provide an innovative platform for contemporary art and culture. We are committed to supporting artists and rendering contemporary art accessible to all. We strive to present projects in physical and digital spaces that are engaging, enlightening and educational for diverse audiences.

We will try to create a friendly space to display professional commercial art for collectors, artists and art lovers.

The gallery is now a fully operational event space for Master Class, promoting art to a larger and varied audience.


Sare art Gallery seeks to collaborate with artists in an open and honest manner with a primary aim of introducing their work to wider audiences.

The Gallery presents curated exhibitions on themes relevant and exciting in the context of contemporary creative culture. Our educational program aim to reveal the possibilities of artistic expression to young minds, encourage fresh thought and stimulate innovation.

Organized events

  • 2019-1international Watercolor (Grand Master )
  • 2019-1Thailand water color Exhibition ( G1) 2019
  • 2019-1international Watercolor  (online contest) 2019
  • 2020-1st Russian watercolor part 1-2
  • 2020-1st Mexican  watercolor Artists
  • 2020-1st Dance with color
  • 2020-2nd  Russian watercolor Artists part 1-2  Dreams come True
  • 2020-1st  Russian Watercolor Children Artists  Sweet Dreams
  • 2020-2nd we Are together
  • 2021-3rd  Russian watercolor Artists part 1-2
  • 2021-1st  Russian Oil and Acrylic Exhibition
  • 2021-4th  Russian watercolor Artists part 1
  • 2021-1st Mexico and Spain  watercolor Artists
  • 2021-1st  Watercolor with love  cooperate IWS Russia
  • 2021-5th  Russian watercolor Artists part 1
  • 2022-1st china And Russia Exhibition   Watercolor Exchange  part 1 Moscow
  • 2022-1st photography award  Motherland
  • 2022-6th  Russian watercolor Artists part 1 
  • 2022-3rd international event Hope & love
  • 2022- 1st Exhibition art Collection
  • 2022- 2nd  china and Russia Exhibition
  • 2022- Group Exhibition OF Russian artist
  • 2022- 7th Russian watercolor artists
  • 2022 – 2nd Grand Masters Exhibition
  • 2022- New year Exhibition
  • 2022- Thailand Art Tour Exhibition

Sareh Mohebeianzadeh

Gallery Manager

Jafar Khoshoei Isfahani



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